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Tips on Choreography (group performances)

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Tips on Choreography (group performances)

Post  sangeeta on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:24 pm

Choreographing a dance sequence is very time consuming and requires a lot of concentration and dedication. However, when you finally see your choreographed sequence being performed on stage, the result is always worth the effort Smile

I have been choreographing for a few years now and here are a few tips I would like to share with those of you who would like to choreograph too:

The first step is choosing the music. Choose music that you really enjoy listening and dancing to. Try not to choose a sound track that is monotonous...there should be a few changes in the beats and melody so that you can play around with the choreography. To spice it up a little you could also choose more than one song and could use a song editor to join the songs.

Once you have chosen the music, you should spend some time to listen to the track repeatedly. Get very familiar with the beat and melody. What I like to do is to close my eyes and imagine myself as being part of the audience: i try to visualise what would ‘wow’ me if i were to see the performance. That’s how i start thinking of the formations and the moves.

Once you get familiar with the music, it is time to sit down with a pen and paper and sketch down all the formation changes you want and at what time intervals starting right from the entry till the exit. How you plan this all depends on the track you have chosen. For e.g, if your track ends abruptly, then you would want to end the choreography with all the dancers doing a pose on stage. But if the track is fading out in the end then you would want to figure out how the dancers would slowly exit the stage while the music fades out.

Once you have sketched out the entry, exit and the formation changes in between, it is now time to choreograph the moves. While doing this, you have to keep in the mind the skill level of the performers you will be teaching the choreography to. It should not end up that the moves are too difficult for the dancers to execute. If you are choreographing for skilled dancers then you have the liberty to make the moves as complicated as you wish.

Once you are done with the whole choreography, it is now time to teach. The most important part is to make sure that all the performers are in sync. That is why you have to make sure that you have plenty of time to practice!

There are many other factors that go into performing, such as deciding which costumes to wear. You have to make sure that the costumes above everything else, are comfortable to dance in.

And there you have it..a choreographed dance sequence that the audience will love Smile

Written by: Sangeeta Mehta
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