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The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL

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The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL

Post  meenakshi on Sun Jan 18, 2009 3:59 pm

Article credit : Fernando Cruz

************************************************** **********************
The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL
************************************************** **********************

I know you must be asking yourself: "What is this guy talking
about?". Well I'll explain it in a short while. For now let
me clear some things up for you. Make sure that you completely
understand each part of the formula. Although the explanations
are short and to the point, you will find that the more you
understand these concepts, the better you will be. So read this
over and over until you fully see and understand how each part
plays into your dance.

First of all, it is important to understand that a couple on the
dance floor MUST flow nicely together. Once you accomplish this
you will look great on the dance floor, and everyone around you
will want to dance like you and your partner. With this in mind
let's start:

************************************************** **********
The first part of the formula is EC, or Eye Contact.
************************************************** **********

Eye Contact

It is extremely important for you to have eye contact with your
partner. There is simply no two ways about this. When you
train yourself to look at your partner's eyes while dancing, you
could be unstoppable in any dance competition. By having eye
contact you achieve the following:

1. This creates a certain comfort of body & mind that gives you
confidence and total control of your body and your movements,
as well as your partner's body and movements.

2. After you get accustomed to dancing and having eye contact,
you will have a better feel of what your partner will do
next, this is especially true for the ladies, because you
have to follow the lead of the guy you are dancing with.

3. The vibe you will send out to everyone is that you are a
couple that is used to dancing with each other, making you
much more appealing to everyone around you.

4. Ultimately, you will feel more comfortable dancing with your
partner, which leads to a much more impressive dance routine.

************************************************** *****************
The second part of the formula is HC, or Hand Coordination.
************************************************** *****************

Hand Coordination

Hand coordination is a very crucial part of your dance. This is
due to the fact that all the turns and turn patterns are managed
and controlled through your hands and their placement, both in
and out of a turn. When the guy wants the girl to do any kind of
turn or turn pattern, both of your hands obviously need to be
coordinated. The same goes for dips, styles and shines, in all
of these patterns the hands play a very important role.

This is achieved by:

1. Practicing with your partner

2. If you don't have a partner, and are dancing with someone new
keep it simple; Just do enough to get the feel of the other
3. Communicate with each other; if you find someone you enjoy
dancing with, Just talk during a break and get to know each
other and what you expect of each other on the dance floor.

By accomplishing hand coordination you will achieve the following results:

1. You will maintain your balance throughout the most complex
turns and patterns.

2. You will feel and look better with far fewer errors in between.

Combine this with Eye Contact, and you are on your way!

************************************************** ****************
The third part of the formula is FL, or Follow the Leader.
************************************************** ****************

Follow The Leader.

It is very important to always follow the leader during a song.
Now, this goes for both the guys and the girls. I'm sure you
already know that the man leads the woman on the dance floor,
however, the man also has a leader. That's right guys, you have
to follow your leader, and guess what, EVERYONE at a dance has a
follower and a leader. Let's break it down like this:

1. The lead singer follows the energy of the crowd, but at the
same time leads the band.

2. The band follows the lead singer, but at the same time they
lead the rhythm.

3. The man follows the rhythm of the band and lead singer, but
at the same time leads the woman.

4. The woman follows the man, but in turn they both lead the
singer (or DJ at the club) with the energy that they give
off on the dance floor.

As you can see, this cycle goes on forever, (or just until the
end of the song but it goes to show the important relationship
that EVERYONE at a club has with each other. Now both the guy
and the girl have to listen to the song to be able to know exactly
how to dance and when to turn and of course when to step.

So understanding the rhythm of the song is very important.
Remember, the girl follows the guy all the way, this is very
important. You both will have fun and enjoy the dance even more
if you follow this simple rule. When you do this, the couple
becomes one and it looks and feels wonderful.

Some Final Words
Just a little piece of advice: be humble when dancing. Believe
me when I tell you, it looks very classy when you let your
dance do the talking for you. As long as the guys lead well
and the girls follow well and understand that this is the
way to do it, you will get along on the dance floor great and
with no problems at all. Getting along with your partner is
the best feeling while dancing....and you can find out for
yourself when you dance with different people.

************************************************** *************
So Remember: EC + HC + FL = Success On The Dance Floor.
************************************************** *************
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Re: The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL

Post  Varada on Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:50 pm

hey wow...a v. interesting articles...thanks for sharing..Smile

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Re: The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL

Post  Guest on Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:26 pm

hey dam good article meenakshi... keep it up..... nw i m bac 4m d trip nd wud b active asap....


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Re: The formula for success on the dance floor is: EC + HC + FL

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